Notes of the Redbourne Flooding Update meeting held at 12 noon on Friday 2nd October 2020, via a Microsoft Teams  .

Available Reports into the Flooding Events in Redbourne

Reported recommendations after the investigation into the November 2019 flooding – click here to view Pell Frischman Redbourne Flooding Report Opens in a new window .

Reported recommendations after the investigation into the floods in 2007 – click here to view the Pell Frischmann Mitigation Report August 2012 Opens in a new window .

The evaluation report carried out by Pell Frischmann in January 2012, of which the mitigation report is a redacted version, is too large to upload onto this website at present.

Risk of Flooding – November 14 2019

A yellow warning of heavy rain was in place from around 12 noon on Thursday 14 November until the early hours of Friday 15 November.

Although less rain is expected than last week this will be falling on saturated ground and flood warnings are in place. North Lincolnshire’s Emergency Control Centre has been established and will be working through the night on Thursday and Friday to monitor and respond to the evolving situation. There will be a special floodline open for affected residents – dial 01724 297 000 and extension 0.  If there a danger to life please call 999.

In the Event of a Flood

  • Listen to local TV and Radio for advice from the emergency services
  • Move your car to higher ground
  • Empty furniture drawers and cupboards and place whatever you can on higher ground or upstairs
  • Fasten plastic bags around the legs of unmovable furniture to limit water damage
  • Turn off mains gas and electricity
  • Put plugs in sinks and weigh them down to prevent back flow, do the same with toilet seats
  • Bring cased outdoor pets inside and move all animals upstairs if possible
  • Make sure any valuable or sentimental objects are safe

Do not move through floodwater if avoidable and wash any parts of your body that come into contact with floodwater. Please try and keep in contact with neighbours and other members of the community, particularly those who may be more vulnerable.

If evacuation is required switch off all power and unplug appliances. Take a mobile phone, charger, cash and medication. Lock all doors and windows. If driving take water and blankets and keep tuned into local radio.

Flood Alert

Click here to see if there is a flood alert in place for Redbourne Opens in a new window .